Constructing Memory

:output award 2014 - Selected

‘Constructing Memory’ is a investigation into the question if design can enhance a memory-intensive relationship between human and objects.

I started with the absence of my grandmother, it’s overwhelmed me that I could hardly move on till I visited her places again. The new interpretation toward the same truth released me from a sealed past, that I investigate into how memory formed. I realize how handicapped design recently at addressing such fundamental life experience, and tried to make a project that would bridge the gap between design and the complex life of human beings.

Memory is a constructive process, one which is vulnerable to suggestibility, misinformation, and distortion. Our capacity to redefine our personal memories is anchored in the process of engaging with the world and its objects, and projecting our past experiences upon it — a past which is constructed from memory.
Memory is not about the past anymore.
It presents a way to appreciate ‘NOW’ as an opportunity to define and redefine.

“We choose our world and our world chooses us.” {Maurice Merleau-Ponty}

Why are designed objects often so predefined, instead of allowing the user to related to them in ways then find valuable? Through this new understanding I developed a design to amplify the active engagement in the defining process towards objects, I created furnishings that are interlaced with the notion of redefining through physical and psychological elements that reflect memory, with a wealth of experiences that people would be free to discover the objects themselves and to give it meaning.

The lying wood becomes a chair when you pull the string that goes through. You activate the chair. Things only become meaningful once you involve.

The cabinet challenges the relationship in between. With different strength of elastics you have to practice, then you find the way to balance.

Forest carpet made by stilts increases difficulties to a flat ground. 'Why should we walk on this instead of the easier one? ' While crossing the carpet, you may be stronger or slim, but definitely become different. People always just see the thing itself, they don't consider themselves as a part of it. In the end, we are the one whom being reconstruct in the relation with objects.

-Dutch Design Week 2013-